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Augustine offer a boutique, special service that goes beyond mere advice.

What makes us so different?

At AUGUSTINE, we use a unique planning approach that focuses on your total financial picture. Our process allows us to create coordinated and effective solutions, designed to preserve your wealth, maximise your financial potential and achieve your long-term goals. Here is how it works.



The first step is to find out about you and what you wish to achieve through your wealth. With this understanding we can then start to explore every avenue and develop a strategically sound path toward meeting your financial objectives.


Next, we review your entire portfolio. Taking into account the full spectrum of your financial profile - Insurance, Legal, Tax and Investments - we assess if what you currently hold is working to fully maximise your financial potential and achieve your goals.


Then, once we have structured a solution that has all the key elements of your financial portfolio working harmoniously with one another, we will determine the most intelligent course of action to meet your individual needs.

Implementation & Review

On implementation, we will continuously monitor and review your total wealth solution, ensuring that you are always on track to preserve and enhance your wealth and realise your long-term ambitions.